Monday, December 05, 2011

I'm distracting you with some pretty shiny images while I recover from the Unique Show.

dress: Jenny Yoo
brooch: vintage [it's so awesome]
shoes: flat and nothing to note
groom's suit: jcrew - can he be more handsome? [ps summer suit not currently available]
photographer: eighty eighty-four
flowers: Twig Floral

what you can't see and was probably the best thing I wore...I had asked my cousin to let me borrow my grandmother's watch [as my borrowed] and she also sent something down for me to keep [as my old] that sent me into hysterical crying I was so moved. My grandma and I were very close so it was so nice to have something that reminded me of her on that day.


karey m. said...

you. look. so. flipping. beautiful.

your little nose in profile is my fave. perfect chin, perfect in that DRESS! perfect skin. oy. i could go on.

and CHRIS! jesus. he's quite lovely.

you two both got a very good deal. xoxo

SGM said...

You are just stunning, Richie. What a gorgeous wedding. Many happy years to you both!