Monday, December 19, 2011

Design Shuffle

I was introduced to Design Shuffle - A social media site for designers and architects recently and you know I like me a good interior. I spent a few, well lets just say too much time, looking through the scores of interesting designers and architects pondering, one day, when we own a home.

Let's take a look, shall we?

Scott Sanders LLC, NY City project: Hampton Home Traditional and East Coast, but I love the layers of things happening in this room it's bright, sophisticated and elegant

Venegas & Co, Boston, MA a kitchen design studio. This is brilliant. I'm sure there is a need just to have one's kitchen done and not feel bad that you're not giving the rest of the house to the designer doing the job. I love this modern but warm kitchen. I'm especially digging the stacked tile backsplash that goes to the ceiling. I adore cabinets that go to the ceiling. I've always thought what the heck? with cabinets that just stop and leave a foot of gap [that could be storage] at the top. plus? it destroys the line of sight when you're in the room [but there I go again being picky]

how incredibly sweet is this back house turned rec room? gosh it's like a little gum ball heaven. [ikea curtains btw] John Loecke Inc., NY

lastly, gosh what a "great room". This is just calling for three kids and a couple of dogs. I hope they are rollerskating across those floors [when mom isn't looking] Blackfish Lane residence is a project by Workshop/APD out of NY. This group is amazing - don't miss the rest of their portfolio

if you're looking for inspiration or a designer/interior group to find a solution to your issue at hand you'll definitely find a little bit of everything here.


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