Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Merritt & Sean

Remember this couple? I brought in automotive illustrator Mark Sasway to replicate the cars that both bride and groom work on for their very unique save the date posters.

We've been working hard at their wedding suite all spring. It was such a treat to work with the automotive engineering couple who used automotive components throughout their suite and ceremony.

I used technical drawings they provided and did a modified blind emboss as a background texture. That graphic was then used throughout the package on the mailing labels, RSVP, escort cards and table names.

I also created an initial icon that we then used on custom stamps, back flap icons on envelopes as well as their thank you cards and water bottles for the reception.

lastly, we didn't want that fun poster to fall by the way-side so I altered it to turn it into a custom fan/program. Each guest got one during the ceremony [for the expected warm Virginia weather] front side was the modified poster graphic, back side was the wedding program and bridal party information.

** omgosh just got a sneak peek at the actual wedding which is here I'm in awe. the very talented Bellweather Events and Katie Stoops are to praise for such loveliness

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