Saturday, July 09, 2011

impulse purchase

I had a moment a couple of weeks ago. I hardly ever make impulsive purchases I'm a careful/think about it for a couple of weeks or days [at a minimum] but with this...I had been driving past a vintage store in my neighborhood and it was in the window. I walked in checked it out and took it to the register. A was attached for such a vintage item but they're trendy right now – I get it.

I talked the girl down $20 it was a win-win.

BAM. now it's mine.

I got a new ribbon for it - in the mail no less, because there are only like .5 people on the earth who sell these anymore. Today the old girl is up and working. a few sticky keys but whateves I'm down with the funky.

I still don't have a plan for it, or a reason. But the last time I did this I bought a 1200lb letterpress and I started a business from that craziness. who knows what this goodie will lead me to!

so I just have to say it....Mr. Draper will see you now.

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