Sunday, July 31, 2011


I've felt a little haphazard lately how about you? crazy things swirling around me has made me a little off my game. Somehow I manage to waste all the good weekend hours doing nothing that I should be doing. This weekend I:

• pretended I was fancy on someone else's boat this weekend in Newport Beach
• watched Buitful with Javier Bardem on Friday night - desperately sad movie I can't recommend it unless you just like to look at him [which I do]
• missed a crazy important phone call Sunday morning - my press mechanic that was suppose to be coming by and did but I was asleep [apparently he emailed me Saturday night and I didn't check my phone]. It was my first sleep in, in months of course.
• worked all day Sunday on invites for one of mine and chris' events
• didn't do a single chore
• ate pizza for dinner
• had a couple of cocktails
• did not shower

hope your week is Buitful darlings

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