Thursday, January 27, 2011

Only 40 More Years

I have two stories to tell you - one involves the grocery store. Karey said not to ever tell stories about grocery stores. But this one is good I promise.

I've been feeling bad about my thighs. I hear you say Yah so? I thought bad about mine 10x this morning already. Many days I don't think about it, that I've let it go... but sometimes when I'm least expecting it I wonder why I don't look like this woman

{then I remember what I ate all day} and I hang my head and ask for another latte.

here is all I have to say. I'll never be this skinny unless I swallow a tape worm like the women in... was it China or Japan are doing? no matter. I'll teeter on chubsville all of my days. I'm mostly ok about it except for about 3 days every month when It's not

the grocery story?
I was in line the other night at our Trader Joes and there was this little old lady in the line next to me and NO LIE her basket was full of red wine and frozen desserts along with her cane she was hanging on the edge. The only food item I saw was yogurt in all the yummy, sugary flavors that I love. I thought it was brilliant. I wish I had taken a photo really, because I thought...

damn. only 40 more years until dessert for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

photo via JCREW of course

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