Saturday, January 15, 2011

49% Motherf*cker 51% Son of a Bitch

despite my twinset and pearls day to day wardrobe. I have an inner rock and roll girl {I know you're laughing} Seriously, no joke. I've never figured out how to merge both girls inside of me but you'll just have to trust me when I say in another life I was Kat Von D

Lemme is from Motorhead and he as Old School as you can get. I say that because if you're here on this blog, most of you have never heard of him. To be honest I know so little that I won't claim to know anything. He's bad ass I can assure you. I sat next to him one night at the Rainbow room on Sunset but had no idea who he was untill my ex mentioned him. {that's how much I don't know}

but... he has a movie out and I really want to see how Bad Assed he is. If you're in So Cal it's playing at The Art on 4th street Long Beach tonight maybe I'll catch you in my Leave It To Beaver outfit there.

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