Thursday, January 06, 2011

always and forever

A few of you have asked me to post the story of how Chris proposed. I've been trying to find just the romantic words to tell you about it. I'm sure you've imagined how romantic and glowy it all was. I love the glowy. I'm a sparkle girl if you haven't figured it all out. I'm afraid I might disappoint you today. It's nothing like you might think.

The story begins in the bathroom. Yes, the bathroom. Me getting ready for my day like always. Towel on my head, my giant {mostly} white bathrobe, my 10 skincare products and 5 cosmetics. All of us crammed into my 3x3 ft bathroom [this I do not kid]

Chris came in with my morning coffee {have I told you he goes out every morning to buy us fancy coffee? he does} he came into the 3x3 ft bathroom - wedged himself in and the conversation started into something not related to anything of a ring. Big life conversations which he and I do so well. Mostly these happen in bed at night but this day, they happened in the 3x3. And I reminded him of a private joke we have together to lighten the mood. "SQUIRREL!" like the movie UP if you've seen it.

He got this very serious look on his face and everything got kinda weird for a second and then he asked me to be his always and forever. Me with my towel on my head and half-way white bathrobe in the 3x3 crammed in with the toilet and all. I thought he was joking - he reassured me he was not. I half-giggled nervously and said yes. I said yes because he's been my always and forever almost since our first date 6.5 years ago. He apologized for it not being the proposal he had planned. He had something else lined up {proper and sparkly] but he couldn't resist after our talk. It was perfectly imperfect I might say. Which is just like us. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

glam photos by the amazing Gyslain Yarhi


karey m. said...

this made me cry.

someday i will tell you my story and you'll die at how similar they are. except mine included a creampuff. in a smaller bathroom.

plus i was naked.

thank you for writing this for me! FOR ME!


wool and misc said...

I love this. So special! Congrats again, R!

Richie Designs said...

naked and cream puffs I believe call for a full blown story on Mackin. just sayin'

Petunia Face said...

Granted I am hormonal but this made me teary.

My story involves a zit and the hallway on my way to work. He asked me to marry him and I said fuck you.

Happily ever after. It's real. Real.

ApachesPrincess said...

Ahh, thanks for sharing, what an adorable proposal! Best of wishes!