Monday, November 29, 2010

Dear Santa I want this cute car

Dear Santa, Yes, I know I just asked for a puppy yesterday but I might have a couple more dream items for my list this week. Call me greedy I know, it's just been so hard starting my own company etc the past couple of years. I've been such a budget girl that I thought it would be ok to dream a little this Christmas.

Santa, I drove past this little cute nugget on PCH on Sunday, the dealership is on the way to Newport Beach if you need to know exact GPS points. I realize that the Fiat 500 is not listed on their website right now but I think it's because they're holding it for you to go pick up just for me.

I was thinking that the Fiat would be a good advertising for my letterpress business {thus making it a write off as well} I mean it practically matches my website! That's a sign right? I would put my little scripty logo on the door and toodle around my cute town honking my horn and waving like a parade of letterpress happiness I promise.

I realize that my clown car wishes are a little over our $100 Christmas budget this year but if you have an extra 10k or whatever crazy price they're charging I promise to be a good girl all year round.


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