Monday, November 01, 2010


Do you know about J3 Production's Zine At Your Leisure? You should if not. Jonathan from Happy Mundane is the brain child behind this lovely new shelter magazine in it's second issue. Each issue is limited edition and signed BRILLIANT!

Despite my love of all things limited edition, the Zine is really beautifully shot and produced with very clear intentions of their mission which I love:

It's simply a visual train of thought.
A little bit of candy to make your eyes happy.
To highlight individuals that "live what they love" and showcase their creative spaces.
To pay homage to the people, places, things that have inspired us.

I would get on buying one of these beauties. Only 500 pieces in this press run. Each one comes with a little gift did I mention? super fun! Don't miss the behind the scenes shots on their site. Their model? worth the click over

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