Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dear Santa, I want a puppy

I have puppy brain right now. My cousin has caviler king charles puppies for sale and the one left is squeeking my name. This poses a problem as my landlord is not favorable on dogs and I am allergic to cats [the pet of choice for choosy landlords]. BTW should you be interested that puppy in the window is located in Elk Grove an hour outside of Sacramento

I should also tell you I can pet cats, snuggle with cats as long as I don't touch my face or have to live in the same interior air that they inhabit. It allows me to get my kitty on in the neighborhood with pets and snuggles when they let me. This will make more sense when I say that...

My favorite neighborhood kitty that I was madly in love with was kidnapped a month ago. Really. Chris and I had named her Fatty Patty as she was fond of snacking her way down the street into chubsville. She's a girl after my own heart really, it probably is why I was so drawn to her . The neighborhood was all madly in love with her and she just disappeared one day [not hit by a car and she was microchipped and all] We think she was so snuggily that someone took her in without thought of the others that loved her. I missed her more after seeing this video as she looked very much like the kitty to the right.

Patty Cake onward Ms. Fatty we miss you

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