Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Twenty [one]

Chris and I were chatting about something the other day. It had to do with college, although I can't recall what just now. He said to me but that was twenty years ago for you! and I sort of gasped, it was NOT twenty years ago...oh wait it was. shit.

Twenty years ago was a big year for me. I began recounting the things that occurred during that time. I went on a semester abroad to London [awesome and scary] I got hooked on good skin care that year as well [blame it on London pollution], I saw the Berlin Wall fall just a few months before I went away to school and so a couple of classmates and I went one weekend to see. Can I just say? That city was electric after all that. Also, I have a chunk of concrete that I bought off a kid at the wall. Capitalism at it's finest.

also that year? Nelson Mandela was released. London had a big party near the consulate. I rode my first subway, had my first panic attack during said ride, traveled to Spain to find my heritage and left broken down and sad because getting around without speaking Spanish was harder than I had thought.

A couple months after I came back I had my back surgery. The thing that really changed my life in ways I had never known would be. It's humbling to ask someone to shave your legs I might tell you, among many things that summer.

Dunno, today I was thinking how far away that all seems and yet it stacked up on itself like a phillo dough pastry, one needing the other till now and somedays thinking that the butter and sugar were going to suffocate me until I drowned. Somehow I made it out and got to HERE.

What were you doing 20 years ago?

these very odd creatures are from KitLane - sustainable renewable wool creatures from what she describes as The cultural wasteland of west central Minnesota.

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