Monday, October 25, 2010

Pondering today

while I'm waiting for all heck to break loose here. I thought I would load a few more pictures from my kamakazi trip to Utah last week. Kamakazi as we drove one day, hung out for one day and did some business and drove back the next.

remind me never to do that again.

I'm a city mouse have I mentioned? Dunno something about nature... what do you do with all that silence? seriously? I was twitching being away from my computer that long. And? I rolled my ankle on a mundane path. I said out loud to my girlfriends "I f*&in hate nature". Not really, it's just funny how I am lost out there. I can tell you this. You can do a LOT of work from an iphone if you have to. I managed a business and 2 photoshoots from that handy thing. I thought smoke was going to pour out it at one point.

and Lastly, my friend Chelsea turned me on to this and I'm obsessed. Giant bunnies. NO LIE people

How do I get one? and will it eat me in the middle of the night thinking I'm a carrot? this is what we should be considering with NATURE.

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