Wednesday, October 13, 2010

going grey

Is it gray or grey? I prefer grey if you ask me. That little "e" makes it that much more elegant I think.

I am grey. as in my hair. as in about 30% possibly more is grey at this moment. I color it all up. When I was home this summer my mom reminded me that my grandma's hair was nearly all white. I forgot about this, she said I was wondering if you might be the same way. Thanks mom, way to induce hair stress onto a 41 year old woman.

but today? today I saw this woman who is someone important in fashion - she must be, she's sitting front row at CĂ©line after all. It made me not so afraid to go white.

plus this woman? she must be French I mean really? How is someone that chic?

images via Garancé Dore - she does lovely videos now don't you know? I liked seeing her standing next to her beau Scott near the beginning of the video. She's about 2 feet taller than he. Good for them right?

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