Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm having a music moment lately. I'm currently working on remembering the lyrics to Jay Z Empire State of Mind a song that I've been listening nonstop for the past two weeks. Can I tell you that I've never felt whiter in my whole life than trying to keep up with Mr. Z's prose? I'm still determined to bust out at some party and do my best rap video posing and hand throwing. Maybe even with a ball cap pitched to the side for effect.

{laugh, I know you want to}

but the adult in me, the oh my gosh that is good music? Oren Lavie is my guy. On par for me with Nick Drake {scandalous for music lovers I realize} but something about his smokey voice makes me want to curl up with my blankie and take a serious yummy nap {insert biggest cat stretch here}

yo yo yo I'm off to hit the beat yo.

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