Friday, April 13, 2007

The most amazing singer in the world

I just scored tix to see Lisa Gerrard at the Orpheum Theater at the end of May. I've seen her numerous times over the years solo and with Dead Can Dance and she never dissapoints. I have thought that quiet possibly she could float from stage at some points. There are vocalists that go to another place while performing, she does and manages to take her audience with her.

worth every damn penny- EVEN ticketmaster's horrible service charges!

If you're not familar she has created her own vocal language-often times they are not words but sounds. You might recognize her voice as she has worked on a number of movie soundtracks in the past few years. Surprisingly this song is what I walked down the isle to on my "starter marriage"...funny that the video has a bride as well. I had never seen the video for the song till now. listen to her here and my favorite song off all time [even after the divorce!] "SANVEAN/I AM YOUR SHADOW":

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