Saturday, April 28, 2007

Last of NYC promise

This last batch of photos may seem random but these are just a couple of my favorite things about NYC:
1. Taxi's especially after you've walked for 5 hours straight in bad shoes, your feet are swollen and you still have a 5th floor walk up to conquer when you get to your destination. [I was not in good walking shape this trip! must train for next visit.]

2. Magnolia cupcakes which are like crack they are so good. I bought two and ate half of each before throwing them out. Sadly, they weren't as tasty this time around a little dry? stale? the weather switched that weekend I was there so they may have needed to alter baking times ect for the weather change. I was a little bit sad they weren't as good as I remembered [still tasty though!] buy their cookbook and try the recipes out for yourself...ignore the quantity of butter & sugar that it's calorie-free...swear!.

3. I finally got to go to the Clarins Day Spa the only one in the country while I was there on this trip [being trying to get there for years now!]. I started using this product while I was in school in Europe almost 20 years ago. I have tried to leave it like a bad drug habit and switch, each time I go back for more. Recently my boyfriend while in the bathroom brushing his teeth looked up and said " Just how many Clarins products DO you HAVE?" ....a lot I muttered! I've done crazy things for it including skipping groceries and a few too many charges on my Macy's account [I also usually hide them so he really doesn't know how many I have!]

All I have to say is I'm turning 38 in a few weeks and I got carded while there [which still happens regularly] I attribute it to this product, a lot of sunscreen, and good genes. I highly recommend the spa and their product. If anyone from Clarins is reading... if you hire me as a spokesperson I would gladly sing your praises for free goods.

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Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Getting carded at 38! You are my idol:-)