Friday, December 01, 2006

You know you're PMSing when:

Although you might have thought these things many times they actually come out of your mouth:

"The fact that you're breathing- annoys me"

"Seriously, don't go there tonight you will lose, or I will cry -- which makes you lose twice"

The next one requires a bit of explanation so that i'm not arrested...
I tend to get a little crabby at the end of the semester as "the dude" is back in school switching careers and I don't see him a whole lot, and when I do he's generally exhausted. So by the time December/May/End of semester rolls around I've had it with sharing him with books and the hospital.

I actually said "I've been plotting your death in my head since monday"....joking of course but I'm tired of NOT having him around which makes me think EVIL, HATEFUL things about him. He has finals next week which I'm so glad for.

Lucky for me he realizes the devil has taken over my mouth and my body and I will return next week as his sweet girlfriend he loves and adores.

stay clear...dangerous girl week.

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