Thursday, December 07, 2006

Goin' a little Oprah on your arse

I just read about this and I'm jazzed. Well as much as a cold/stuffy head person can be jazzed about anything. Oprah has a deal in her magazine "what I know to be true" This I know is true...when you focus intent on anything it can be achieved. What if we all believed just for one day....

What is the International Day of Possibility?
A day where one million people around the world commit to believing that the things they want for themselves, others, their communities, and their world are actually possible.

How can I participate?
On June 21, 2007 commit to ignoring any "thoughts of impossibility,"
go here for more information

What are "thoughts of impossibility?"
The emotional muck that runs through our heads most of the time: "I can't", "Who would care, anyway?", "Why bother?", "I'm too fat/old/broke/inexperienced", "I'm not _____ enough", and on and on. "Thoughts of impossibility" are the negative messages that keep us locked in fear and convinced that we cannot create better lives for ourselves or a better world for each other.

Why would I do this?
Because we create our own reality. If we believe it can happen, it will. If we do not believe it can happen, it won't.

Figuring out what it is that you want is the hardest part. What do you want for your life? Start thinking about it will activate the intention.

be careful what you ask for.

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