Monday, December 18, 2006

Mark & Diane

My friends Diand & Mark got married this past weekend in the beautiful but cold Palos Verdes. I was stunned to see Diane looking like a super glamour girl [she's generally a little to no makeup gal] she was the most beautiful bride - Mark was looking dapper as ever. I only got a couple of images between being wedged behind the parents of the bride, and still not having the appropiate flash to shoot at night... I gave up shortly after I took this one.

I was happy to go to this wedding [and generally I dislike them]. M&D have such a great, fun story [Mark has had a crush on her for years but they've never been single at the same time] and I love that Diane is 40[ish] and this is her first marriage. It takes a strong and brave woman [or man] not to cave to society's pressure. They make a great couple and are up for any great adventure... they'll be climbing some ice mountain together soon I'm sure.

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