Thursday, October 19, 2006

My little pumpkin'

This maybe the last of the Mohicans. This was taken with my super swell FILM camera last year [Yashica T-4 which is only available on ebay these days]. My little point and shoot camera has been so good to me. I get the most amazing photos ever from it. Last week, I upgraded though and bought a real grown up digital SLR. I'm afraid of it right now. Generally, I am afraid of things I don't know about -- especially things that involve computers -- it's the perfectionist in me not wanting to f*ck it up. My curiosity about photography has seemed to over power my fear on this one though.

Posting may be light for a bit for a couple reasons 1. playing with my new toy [i'll post photos when I figure out how to turn the damn thing on] and two this purchase along with car issues over the summer has stressed me out financially...I'm working more over at Apartment Therapy these days to earn some cash for the kitty. Stay tuned or tune into Apartment Therapy-LA I'm posting a couple times a day.


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