Friday, October 27, 2006

Boogie: NYC Photographer

I saw a write up about this photographer over on Cool Hunting. I have respect for documenting street life. While looking at his images it seemed as if the respect is the knowledge that any of us could end up in this place with one wrong move. I have had numerous friends battle drug problems [prior to my knowing them--I'm not down with that]. I have heard their tales and it all started with just trying it once. One girlfriend who spent years addicted to Heroin said she was always chasing the feeling of the first high she had. She came from a very affluent family and still battled this disease.

Boogie has taken the time to spend time with these people in their daily life. They attempt to raise families, or live on the street all while chasing the next score. His imagery is powerful and worth noting. In his gang photography he documents the many facets of life in the projects, one image a wall of graffiti with R.I.P messages of the many who have died, and another photo of a nearby florist with a banner hanging in the window "we do funerals". Life and death are real in this place. We talk about war across the pond, and we have many wars waging on our soil every day that go unnoticed.

His book "It's All Good" documents Gang Life in the projects of NYC, as well as some of the drug photos I captured from his site. His work is worth going to his site to view. It will definitely give you a new perspective on living a hard life.


Anonymous said...

" I have had numerous friends battle drug problems [prior to my knowing them--I'm not down with that]" - what - if any of your friends had current drug problem's you'd ditch them? Really? Change your script dude - not cool.

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