Saturday, September 02, 2006

Cutie Pie Kit™

So, I've had some requests for the Cutie Pie Kit this weekend...[some very bad photos to view. I definitely need to take some lighting classes-- having good equipment wouldn't hurt either.]

Housed in a paint can with 4 tees [long sleeve were requested for a winter baby this round]
$50+ shipping.

contact me [silva_richele [at]] if you're interested in buying... or you work for Target and you can't live without 100,000 units of each piece. I'd be happy to manufacture for you at a wholesale price ;)

Tees in this version:
I'm a little cupcake short and sweet,
Darling, I'm a lady who lunches,
A chic woman is born in high heels,
Grandma's purse

There is a boy version as well called the Little Man Kit™

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