Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Skincare for the 40-ish

Not sure I've mentioned it [I'm trying to forget it myself] but I'll be 45 this year. Each January I get a little sad that it's another year down, one more step toward wrinkles and not looking my 30 year old self. This January feels a bit different though. I'm not concentrating on the inevitable but rather just doing the best with what I've got. I've started posting recommends on Instagram when I think about it [It's often Saturday FYI] Here were my last 3.

left to right 

LorĂ©al Colour Riche® Balm Lipstick - great drugstore find. It's sort of like lip conditioner type product with just enough color so that you don't feel like a sloth when you run out of the house on a Saturday am without any make up on. Great over lip liner as well for a deeper color.
Bargain $8 

I've talked about this product before. I like the plain mask Facial Treatment Mask over the whitening mask BTW. I have both and I see better results with the original. Exfoliate first [the Guinot product] and then apply the mask for 20-40 min while you watch TV. It's kinda freaky looking so wait till the hubby and kids go to bed. Use it 2 days in a row if you're really wanting to shave off 5 years [sadly it only lasts a couple days].

you could do this once a week, I end up doing it about once every few months. They're not cheap, and it takes some time to sit with the crazy thing on.
Not a bargain - set of 6 [individually wrapped] $90

The strangest exfoliator you'll ever use. Smear on the cream and let it set for 8-10 min [careful not to leave it on too long it can feel like a sunburn] and it liquefies the dead skin cells on your face. No scrubbing, tearing, causing any damage that you hear about. Quick and easy once or twice a week. 
Decently priced considering it lasts so long. $40 range

Down side you have to buy it from a spa that uses the product. There looks to be a few online retailers as well if you don't live near one.

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