Thursday, January 09, 2014

My favorite piece of cookware: Le Creuset

Had you told me a couple years ago that a piece of cookware would inspire me to cook more I would have laughed. Had you told me my husband would be as eager to use it… well you know.

We received a 5qt Le Creuset french oven for a wedding gift and we love it. I really mean WE, as Chris talks about his love of this thing as much as I do.

The secret must be the cast iron and enamel combo? I'm sure there are heat conductor specialists out there who can tell me the dealio but here it is in simple terms:

It cooks faster and better than anything I've ever used
It cleans up without scrubbing – no matter how burnt on the food is
It's one pot cooking at it's finest
it can go from stove top to oven and back 

my two negatives: it's heavy and hard to handle sometimes [that's where Chris comes in] 
if you're buying your own [ours was a gift] they're pricey. [keep an eye out at Marshalls though I've been seeing more of them lately at discounted prices]

My favorite to cook in it right now is pot roast with mini potatoes and mini carrots but this Coq au Vin recipe looks like it might be happening very soon

P.S We do own a couple other baking dishes from Le Creuset now which are nice but if I had to say pick one...the dutch oven is the way to go hands down.

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