Thursday, January 23, 2014

first concerts

Something I like to do with groups of people [photo shoots are a good example] is ask them what was your first concert. It's a perfect ice breaker and always opens up fun conversation.

Captain and Tennille was mine in elementary school - I think Wham was the first concert I paid for.

Sad to hear yesterday of their splitting - who splits after 38 years? Don't you just stick it out at that point? We always have You Tube to remind us of the awesomeness.

so what was your first concert? The cheesier the better!


Emily said...

Donny and Marie was my first. LOVED them. I was also sad to about Captain and Tenille's split. My parents owned that record and I played it over and over. I'm sure I still know the words to Muskrat Love. Remember their guest appearances on Love Boat?

Richie Designs said...

oh yah! Love Boat!!

I had Purple Donny socks with his face on them. I never wanted to wear them because his face got distorted when I stretched them.