Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I haven't gone to see much music in the last few years. I use to be a sort of rabid small venue person seeing shows every month or so. But I had that whole starting a business thing so money wasn't as easily spent unless it was really, really good.

Two artists performing this summer Dead Can Dance and Jack White that I've seen before and really enjoyed previously, so we splurged. Oddly, they were within days of one another. So Jack on Saturday night at LA's Shrine Auditorium. and last night DCD.

Jack was powerful on stage [despite our nosebleed seats] but the sound was horrid. I'm officially a sound snob now. I still adore his holy creepiness. Oh Jack, the hair.

Dead Can Dance, first album in 15 years I think? Lisa Gerrard's voice is the only singer ever to bring me to tears. I've never had any other music do that for me. The sound was prestine at that show as it always is.

The bonus with DCD shows is the crowd. Every goth came crawling out from under their rocks. They had been planning their outfits for weeks and it was awesome. Rachel Yamagata for November or not?..that is the question

PS the DCD video is old, but their new stuff is too dark to introduce a new listener to here. Plus? this has pretty visuals anyway.

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