Tuesday, August 07, 2012


Life feels a lot like this lately.

I have a dear friend who lives 30 min [ok 45 with traffic] I haven't seen him in a YEAR. I can't make it happen - HOW IS THIS OK? I have a neighbor seriously 4 houses away that I haven't seen in months though we have touched base via email recently. That whole busy thing is annoying me right now. I want to enjoy my life and it's just all.work.all.the.time. I'm cranky without enough work and cranky with too much. go figure.

But here's the thing. Here is the sort of promise I've made to myself recently. I'm finding comfort in grace in whatever minutes I can find in the day. In the morning I go and get a coffee and on a really fabulous day I sit down at the shop and read my emails there, possibly with a little breakfast if it's just a.down.right.party. I'm taking my bike out for 15 min rides because that's all I've got. I'm stopping at Marshalls [it's a guilty pleasure] on my way home from work on a TUESDAY because I feel like it [bought a great bag tonight].

I've got to find my life again in all this busy.

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