Sunday, August 19, 2012

HarLex personalized clutch

remember my impulse purchase? It came in and I'm so thrilled with it. So I had thought the three little front flaps were for decoration, they actually reveal three separate little compartment areas.

I had mine personalized. Do you know how awful it was as a kid to never have your name on those silly pencils and such? So this complimentary feature made my day. The leather is so beautiful. I know it will patina and get dirty over time but I'm just in love with the nude leather, it's so elegant.

The last compartment in the back holds my moleskine - extra bonus feature.

now I'm on the hunt for a flat wallet or something similar to hold my wallet stuff. If I could change one thing on this lovely bag... would be a wristlet holder just when you need an extra hand carrying stuff, it's a nice feature to have.

Available here from Etsy seller HarLex

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Rory said...

What a great clutch! Any item with a designated moleskin pocket is a win in my book. And I totally relate to the name on the pencil remorse... never anything with "Aurora" on it either!