Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Intern wanted

you just might need to pull a rabbit out of your hat, or maybe you just make my life magically easier. I'm game for both really.

what I'm looking for:
6 month commitment - school credit
someone with a laptop and CS knowledge
flexible schedule [approx 15-20 hrs a week] but be on time and efficient.

a good eye
attention to detail is a must
interested in printing [previous experience a plus]

what's in it for you? learn to letterpress print, working experience in a small business, I write crazy good recommendation letters and have been know to show up with coffee and or treats. it could possibly turn into a paying job for the right situation.
long beach, ca company - must be local

email me richele[at]richiedesigns[dot]com with your info

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Key Tags said...

I pass this on and hopefully you'll find a good one. It's a bit hard to find good assitance these days.