Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Tintype Photography

In San Francisco a new portrait studio called Photobooth SF opened recently touted as the "world's only Tintype and Polaroid portrait studio". They had me at Tintype.

via Tintypes are made by the wet-plate collodion process, which was invented in 1851 and requires each plate to be individually prepared, exposed and developed within just a few minutes. Tintypes are unique direct-positives made on metal plates, meaning that a positive image is resolved directly on the original plate in the camera (much like a Polaroid). There is no negative intermediary or subsequent printing involved. All the materials we use are prepared by us, from their most basic chemical ingredients. It is truly a hand-crafted process.

I've been in love with that type of photography through Chuck Close's work [though I'm not certain his is tintype] it has that rich tone and some-what eerie quality to it. I REALLY want to go have my photo taken next time I'm in SF.

in addition to their portrait work they also hold Polaroid Rescue Workshops: This class teaches you how to find, buy, and repair Polaroid Land Cameras and, of course, how to use them properly to take amazing photos. You’ll learn which cameras to seek out on Ebay and in second-hand stores, and which ones are junk.

The studio is open 1-9pm Wednesday through Sunday. No appointment necessary, but call if you want a special time or private booking.

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