Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's been a wee bit busy here.

our [mine and Chris'] final party two weeks ago...BBQ here at the house for 75 of our closest friends [I actually mean that] + 10 kids, a pinata, margaritas, strawberry infused vodka and a taco guy. I worked my ass off from 730A to midnight.

It was fun but I don't want to throw another party for maybe ever. That's three if you're keeping track...our mini wedding to kick off October, we flew back east to celebrate with Chris' family and all the lovely folks back there, then the bbq at our home for all of our west coast peeps.

I might also add that I was in production for a client's photoshoot on top of all that. If you've ever done one of those [involving pets and children no-less] you'll know for sure when I say that I'm tired. that I'M NOT LYING. We did it, it was hugely successful and I can't believe the cuteness that we captured [this photo above is not one but reminded me of]

Source: 500px.com via Richele on Pinterest

Sorry to leave you darlings but the bathtub is calling me now.


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