Monday, September 27, 2010

we're melting....

It's currently 105 degrees in my office. I'm not joking here. LA heat wave. You know, the whole global warming thing really kicking our auto-inclined asses today. I might mention upstairs in my bedroom a good 115. I think I'm coming down with a I don't like the heat sort of illness, truly... it might be a scratchy throat sort of thing but really it's a I need an ice cream to deal with this heat, or at the very least a slurpee. Those exsist right? Nod yes.

glass house via caribb

I'm getting acclimated to having my guy around 24-7. We're still unpacking boxes. I hate boxes. I hate clutter really, it makes me nervous. Tonight is the night though, I'm just sure he'll unpack those brown things in the hallway. Here's hoping on my slurpee.

A clock work for oracles by Ugo Rondinone photographed by clive lawford

other than these pretties? and melting? not much more to say except send over your blow up pool would you? because this heat is just nuts-o.

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