Sunday, September 19, 2010

Monday's Give-a-way - set of initial notes

you didn't think you were going to get out of this week without some paper did you? Up for grabs...set of 6, initial wood type notes.

to enter please leave me a message below with some way to contact you should you be the one [email]. winner drawn this friday.

What envelope color do you want?
moss green, sunny yellow, fuchsia, paper bag brown, pool blue? the world is your oyster.

PS I'm celebrating 1,000 posts and giving away stuff all this week- check back each day for goodies


SGM said...

MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Fuschia.

LOVE the new blog design!

Jenni said...

Congratulations on reaching 1000 posts, that's huge!

If I win, I'll get cards with the letter J, and pool blue envelopes.

benson said... weird as it sounds; my fingers want to glide over that type to "see" what it feels like!
Love the moss color envelopes--crossing my fingers (when they're not imagining caressing the cards) and thanks for the opportunity!

arteriole said...

Oooh la la!
Moss green and an M, merci!

michele said...

1,000 rock! M with a bright red envelope for me. I agree with the poster above and want to feel chunky!

Amanda said...

You KNOW how much I love your stuff! I need those notes! I think pool blue would be just awesome!


Anonymous said...

Oooh! I love these card, An M set with fuchsia envelopes would be wonderful!

Your blog is looking wonderful lately!

Anonymous said...


Shannon said...

You are a very talented artist and I can tell you LOVE your job. That's awesome!

studio.delucca said...

I want these! really bad!