Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A couple more excuses

Just a couple more excuses of why I'm not regularly posting but this time I have photos to prove it.

My Grandma [Betty] turned 90. We threw her a big party over this past weekend in Northern California. She was very excited to say the least. She is quite the character. She talked to Chris and I about politics and exactly what she thought about Barbara Boxer {not fond}. Chris describes her as full of piss and vinegar, sometimes my family has other words for her {wink}

I designed a book that was just printed. A local artist here in Los Angeles is having his first sculpture show in 12 years. I put together the book for his opening. [which is a nightmare I might add]

And finally, my love, Chris graduated from his Physician's Assistant program a couple weeks ago and officially finished his last day at the hospital today. My flash wasn't working correctly so the color is a bit wonky.

3 weeks, a number of 18 hr days and I think I've survived. You might even see me regularly post coming very soon. Until then, I need a nap and a pedicure. Catch you later.

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