Wednesday, June 16, 2010

what's up buttercup?

I haven't had many personal stories to share. It's down-right boring around here. This weekend? big project was cleaning out a closet. I've cleaned out one closet a week for three weeks. Spring Cleaning and the whole when he finishes school in {gasp} Mid August.

If he makes it. We both are operating on glass half empty premise. you would have to hear the tales behind this half-assed school to know what I mean. In all of my days I've never seen anything like this place. I won't say anymore until he's done. jinx you owe me a coke.

In other news? I will shock you with this bit of information. I went to the Unemployment Office today [they said I had to] and what I can tell you is was nice inside. The people weren't too horrific. And get this...the woman who helped me was NICE and HELPED ME without a huff or a puff or a you're so stupid look from the corner of her eye ever. In fact she hugged me. I kept thinking am I being punked? The wonders never cease!

Lastly, got a job for me? something part time like between the hours of 5am -I'm sleeping till when I wake up that pays really well and has health insurance [preferably Kaiser so I can just stay with the insanity?] Really? no job hu? rats... ok back to the drawing board errr job board I guess.

that insanely organized closet is not mine pink suede shoes she is my new idol

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