Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stella is ready for her California debut

Did I ever tell you I had a 1965 Vespa, she was cherry red with a white seat and chrome. Seriously the cutest thing you've ever seen on two wheels. I bought it for myself for birthday 34 I think? Completely restored I was stopped nearly every time I rode it, asking me where I got it [EBay] I sold it a couple years later because it was a kick start and I couldn't kick it over without throwing my back out [yah tell me about it]. These Stella scooters are as good as it gets [shape wise] for modern scooters [this coming from someone who use to work with a MAJOR motorcycle manufacture]

previously unavailable in California because of emissions problems Genuine Scooter Co finally got it figured out with a 4-stroke. They're taking pre-orders now. Will you pick me up one while you're out? I'll take that blue one please. White Seat if it's available.
150cc $3599

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