Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Karey from Mackin Ink emailed me a bit ago and asked can you turn this postcard into something letterpressed? So I took that little pattern she had done for her friend and made it into a beautiful wedding suite. Even I was surprised by all of it's amazingness.

it's hard to tell but the color was this lovely deep blueish-purple, and I pressed the main envelope so that the design was partly on the front and the back [new for me]. I haven't been this nervous about a job in a long while I might add, I dunno something about being perfect, I wanted it all perfect for her. The most surprising part? the little rsvp envelope which I made to have the little motif on the back flap - it looked like something that would come from the Royal Family. They are in the U.K. after all!

have an idea of something you want to make come to life on an invite? I love that more than words. just contact me and we can chat about it all and dream up something fantastic. richele[at]


karey m. said...

these look SICK! seriously. well done.

and i got a mail from k this morning that she LOVED them, so double triple well done.

because she's picky. and i say that only because i can't use swears here. ahahaha! xoxo.

kathleen said...

hmm. what swears, karey?

i do absolutely positively adore them. thank you so so much. xx

Angeleen said...

Ohhhhh, yummy.