Thursday, May 13, 2010

what it looks like in my head

Yesterday I was expecting a phone call from a friend visiting from out of town. I forgot about the expected phone call and so late in the day I saw an odd number come up and answered it hesitantly.

a very enthusastic hello and greeting came from my phone

inside my head {crickets} or maybe more like the art work above? a splattttt of sparkily confetti

who is this I say?

it's Carrie! she says as if I've known her all my days. I don't know a Carrie I think.

inside my head {crickets} seriously. I know by the tone of her voice I should know her and nothing.

I actually say to her "why isn't it ringing a bell?" and she shyly says "I don't know" and then she says something quickly and instantly it's Karey!! Not Carrie

You see?...I see words in my head and not until I put a voice to the face can I recognize the phone call. It's my visual curse once again. Now? Now I'm mortified, she's embarrased and we're both laughing.

Karey from Mackin Ink was in town and we had planned to get together while she was here. Another fab and super fun blogger blind date. I consider her a dear friend, a friend I've never met. This is how this whole weird blogging world happens, you meet people online become friends and have never had coffee with them. My boyfriend thinks it's quite odd that I know stories about her three kids and call them out by name over dinner conversation. "Wait how do you know her?" duhhh My friend who lived in Jordan and now lives back in the US remember? "oh yah...that one you met on your flying carpet ride"

It's not strange at all. I mean I've gone on vacation with 3 women I didn't meet till I picked them up at the airport. And Just two weeks ago? Susannah from Petunia Faced Girl picked me up smack dab in the middle of San Francisco and we shared a pizza with my friend Khobe while we were on our 9$ Jet Blue ticket 6 hour vacation extravaganza. BTW Susannah? cuter than a bugs ear - I was so pooped after that I think I forgot to tell you all about it.

not. weird. at. all. {if we lived in the same cities...we seriously would all hang out and drink too much wine on Saturday nights}

Can I tell you Karey is as magical in person as she writes? BTW she looks like Princess Diana minus the whole crown/dead thing of course. And true to form we chatted about everything from blogging [ the difficulty finding the time and energy to write], kids, marriage, boyfriends, husbands, the girlies three, and what's the next BIG thing we both want to do?

We packed 6 weeks of coffee dates in over a single martini {that she so graciously bought me} gracias. I wish she was here for a few more days but alas she flew home to Uncle Sugar and the girls this morning. So we're back to blogging buddies. I still consider her a dear friend even so.

artwork above by Chris Duncan now showing at Jeff Bailey Gallery


SGM said...


And I so get the Carrie thing. I am also a visual speller-in-the-head person. Funny story. :) Wish I could have been there too.

karey m. said...

emily...we talked about you and wished you were there, too. xo.

and RICHIE! YOU'RE GORGEOUS! you should've heard me describe you to pat: audrey hepburn-esque with ink black hair and adorable little nose and perfect skin and tiny voice and she laughed as hard as i did when i told her esme's favorite swear!

i think he likes you, too.

it was super fun. felt like i was sitting with a sister, you know?

{not a nun. more like a friend i adore. because nun? i think not.}


Richie Designs said...

SGM we need to plan another outing...So we can get Karey in the mix!!

Now I just need more invite projects so that I can pay for it!