Thursday, May 20, 2010

I always have fantasies of being a bike person. Maybe if I had that Public bike I saw a couple weeks ago I would. My mountain bike? it hurts my shoulder [wrong pitch of handlebars or something]

But The Netherlands are kicking some serious green bootie. Apparently 1/3 of their residents commute by bike. Check out a different kind of rush hour.

My little town of Long Beach is making great strides in being better bike people. We now have bike/car lanes called "green lanes" to encourage cyclists [not so great when you get stuck behind one in an auto] we have bike festivals, the whole fixed gear thing went bonkers a couple years ago and all the skinny pant wearing teenagers are jetting around on $3000 bikes now.

I just want to ride a bike that is comfy that doesn't cause trips to the chiro for days afterward. Things to aspire to I suppose.

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