Monday, May 24, 2010

Is it Monday?

It's closing time on Monday already. I'm a little late for the game as usual.

first may I tell you about this cutie pie baby shower invite?

my clients at Kuro designed it for one of their partners, I printed it. I love animal mom with the boobs myself.

Also the reason I'm late to Monday? I lost Sunday altogether. How do you lose a day you might ask? Chris and I went to dinner on Saturday night. My fancy Birthday dinner. Soon after I began to get itchy and by midnight I was covered in hives from something I ate. Sunday was spent at the ER eyes swollen shut as they pumped mass amounts of benedryl into me along with some roids to calm the inflammation down. What I was allergic to is still a mystery. Was it the sauce on my fish [not shellfish btw which I'm not allergic to anyway] was it the passion fruit inside one of the desserts? maybe - I've never had passion fruit before.

who knows. All I know is that it's the itch-scratchy show around here and benedryl is not my friend when trying to stay awake and work.

The meal though? amazing. [minus the whole ER thing]

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