Tuesday, July 10, 2007

red, blue and bryan

My nephew is interested in the arts so I arranged to have him fly in on Monday night and come with me today to a photoshoot I was on. I knew it would be the lowest key for a shoot there was so that I could spend some time with him and show him what was going on. He's a very quiet teenager and sometimes I'm not sure if he's having a good time or not. At the end of the day he told me Thanks!! that was a lot of fun!!! I'm pretty sure he had a good time ;)

I usually take my camera with me to take behind the scenes stuff but I was too busy with work and Bryan to take those snaps. I did on the other hand get to shoot this little alley way on the way out that has very vibrant blue walls and red pipes. I was too tired to really put any effort into it and just took the lens cap off and held the camera at my waist and shot up. Sometimes you get the coolest stuff by being messy.

I left the image files large so you could click on the images to enlarge-- and please do some of the crusty detail is really beautiful!!

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Angeleen said...

Waaaaaay cool!

Thanks for sharing. :)