Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Happy *heart* day

Happy 3 years to my sweetie C.J. today. He's back east visiting his folks right now [I can't leave work at the moment]. He sort of gives me the raised eyebrow when I make a big deal about it but it's 3 yrs since our first date. Yes, I wrote it on my calendar. Don't all girls do this? He thinks it's kinda nutty but If I just spent a year of my life with someone I want it to be noted --call me crazy!

image is from an old Kate Spade ad if it looks familar. I would note the photographer but I don't know who it is.
No, it's not me...though I wish my legs looked like that in trousers


J Lee said...

Happy 3 Years to the both of you!

franki durbin said...

three years is a LONG time. don't let his nonchalance fool you LOL!

love the photo, by the way. Kate Spade ad or not, I now have a fab image of you looking chic in red trousers. ;)