Sunday, July 22, 2007

cupcakes and champagne

Among the 5 million things I did this weekend was I hosted a bridal shower for my girlfriend kira. We had a lot of great food. including some champagne and mimosas and what's an event without cupcakes. Thanks to my girlfriend April and her son Jake who decorated them smashingly.

I also uploaded the complete set of baby onesie photographs over at Richie Baby if you feel so inclined. That was one of my other projects...setting up my own little studio on the kitchen table. They will soon be featured at

**and much apologies to Catherine who left me a message over on the baby site --who knows how long ago about ordering.
if you are interested in purchasing email me at richele[at]


franki durbin said...

how sweet! i love the idea of mimosas and cupcakes. how decadent.

we had a few celebrations to attend this weekend as well, and although there was red wine aplenty, I saw no hint of champagne! ;)

Angeleen said...

Sooooooooo wish I could've been there! It looks simply enchanting.

I'm sure Miss K loved it all.

I wanna see more pics!

Beautifully styled shots on the Blog, of course...

See you in August! xoxo