Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Grandma and Grandpa

I've decided to begin scanning family photos lately. Must be age and nostalgia setting in or something. This photo of my Grandparents is dated November 7, 1939. It must have been when they had first began dating as they look so young.

The photo is teeny only about an 1" across and the white blob across my Grandfather's face I thought was a scratch on the photo but I realized this morning was a piece of butterfly tape. He was an athlete so I assume it was from football or boxing.

When I was a teenager and going through old photos with my mom, aunt and grandmother, Grandma let us in on a bit of a family bombshell... she had been engaged to another man before Grandpa. Mom and my Aunt had never heard that before so it was big news. I love those stories, the ones that come out when family goes through old photos after time.

My Grandfather went on to be the Superintendent of County School Boards in Sacramento and has an elementary school named after him. He was also instrumental in developing California's R.O.P program for learning trades. Grandpa was SO handsome. He sort of looked like a cross between Paul Newman and Bob Hope.

Grandma is 94 and a little bit cranky – I'm not going to lie. She gives everyone a run for their money these days. Dunno, at 94 I sort of think you're owed that much!


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