Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A note on frustration

I'm not sure why other greeting card companies feel it's ok to take this card, change a few words on it and then make it their own but alas I saw the second copy of it this morning. I'm pretty brokenhearted about it to be honest.

I know that in greetings there are sentiments that are copied / changed a bit etc - I mean how many times and ways can you say Happy Birthday? This one though... is very specific. It was created in 2013, I have a file date stamped with a early January date in fact. I have also been selling it to Urban Outfitters for most of that time. It's difficult to get bigger than Urban Outfitters. 

So today I contacted a lawyer to see if I have any recourse. I'm not sure that I do, or that I want to pursue it considered how much money it would cost and hassle. But I'm going to ask the questions.

until then, I thought I would remind you of the original. I'll even give you the link to purchase it if you felt so inclined. 

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