Wednesday, March 05, 2014

New in the shop: Tattoo Mother's Day Card

I'm not sure about where you live, but here in Long Beach [LA for that matter] Ink is big. I can't commit to art that permanent and my mom is so happy to have the ultimate in art damaged kids [that I can't decide]. I thought I would spoof all this fun body art around here this year with a Mother's Day card.

Funny enough, I was at the market the other day and the fella checking me out had a lovely very colorful robot tattoo on the inside of his forearm. He and I were chatting about it and he said, well I never PLANNED to get a tattoo. My best friend is a tattoo artist and we got to drinking one night and I woke up with it. I said well, that's the best dang drunk tattoo I've ever seen! He said his mom was going to be so bummed and I told him about this card. Violá. perfect in every way.

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