Saturday, March 08, 2014

Angela Adams - new Spike Rug

Chris and I have been redecorating. It's been a bit challenging because I honestly expected him to just say 'go for it' since he likes what I do most of the time. So I was surprised when he had some pretty serious opinions. Like - I don't want that brand new boring sofa, I want our room to be funky and cool. Umm ok, I had only picked out the boring new sofa so he would stop complaining about the the "uncomfortable" stylish one we have now.

He wanted to add the craziest fabric to the new sofa I had picked out. Thank you rational sales guy at Room and Board for helping me talk him out of it. [I would have had a very expensive headache for years to come]. So we still have our old sofa still but got rid of a couple of things, found a few more cool vintage items on Craigslist [how amaze balls is Craigslist for stuff like that?] But now we need a good rug. Something jazzy and not boring as he puts it. Something that ties in all of our colors. We've got a lot of red going on, some lighter greens and neutrals. 

I haven't liked anything till I saw this upcoming rug from Angela Adams.

 Made of Plush, New Zealand Wool I think it might be the one. 
Available May 1st [ahhg I have to waitttt]

PS. I also just discovered this section of her site with floor models of furniture and discounted rugs
there is some pretty spiffy things happening there too.

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