Thursday, January 03, 2013

New in the store: Neon Pink Desk Set

I'm not going to lie...most of my letterpress is to humor myself. I've been gathering little funny sayings, taped all over the place.

I couldn't decide on just one for a greeting card [just yet] so I just did them all. It's the perfect compromise if you ask me.

They're now available in the store

each set includes:
wait for it...
That's shady
True Story
if brittany can get through shaving her head you can get through this [personal fav]
What the Wha?
And then this happened

click to enlarge photos


Petunia Face said...

You are freaking genius.

A Loopy Life said...

Love! But did you mean "britney"?

Richie Designs said...

@loopy - yes "britney" but it might be a legal issue. haven't decided if I'm going to change it or not ;)