Friday, July 27, 2012

outtakes from a shoot

I realized I never shared some photos from a production I was on in May. We had an interesting time I think I mentioned, a dirt storm the first day, 5 or 6 kids on the shoot, adults to follow, dirt, an rv with a full outhouse but broken lights not alerting us to it till nearly too late, and a lovely sand storm the last day. Have you ever been in a sand storm? holy toledo. I'm glad I had enough goggles for the whole crew.

the sand was so pretty from inside the rv

alabama hills - did you know all the old westerns were shot there? John Wayne has a hotel room named after him there. He stayed in the same place each time he was in town.

prettiest blue skies when the wind wasn't killing us

great neon

a stop on my way home, I can't resist an old broken down building

happy weekend folks

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